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Our Product
The product type of BV Win Resources are varies.They covers contract manufacturing of audio & automobile parts to own products like mineral water & mushroom (Cendawan) growing agriculture.

The lists of plastic injection moulding products of BV Win Resources are as below:
A. Mineral Water Cap

B. Mushroom Industrial (Equipment)
→ 3 in 1
i) BV005 Plastic Stopper (Rehat)
ii) BV004 Plastic Cap (Penutup)
iii) BV003 Plastic Neck (Leher)

→ Multiple Use 3 in 1
i) BV007 Plastic Stopper (Cili Cap)
ii) BV010 Plastic Net (Jaring)
i) BV009 Plastic Cap (Penutup)

→ Thailand Set
i) BV001 Plastic Stopper (Rehat)
ii) BV002 Plastic Neck (Leher)

→ Government Use
i) BV003(W) Plastic Neck (Leher)
ii) BV004(W) Plastic Cap (Penutup)

→ 4 in 1
i) BV016 Plastic Net (Jaring)
ii) BV017 Plastic Stopper (Rehat)
iii) BV015 Plastic Cap (Penutup)
iv) BV014 Plastic Neck (Leher)

→ Polybag PP 6"x13"

C. Rubber Equipment

D. Industry Flora
i) Flower Pot (35mm)
ii) Flower Pot (120mm)
iii) Flower Pot (150mm)
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